Over the years EKO has built an extended network of more than 100 partners across Europe, the Euromed basin, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It is the founding member of the Euromed Network of Youth Organizations (Y-NEMO), as well as a founding member of the International Alliance for Peace and Development (IAPD) with members in European and MENA countries. EKO also supports the Observatory to Prevent Extremist Violence (OPEV) contributing constructively to prevent and combat violent extremism, organizing various events, info days and conferences to raise awareness on this matter.

Moreover, EKO is an active member of the network of the Anna Lindh Foundation and is honored to display the logo of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) for two implemented Erasmus+ youth mobility projects.

At a local level, EKO maintains a special collaboration with local public bodies and municipalities in broader Athens, local Universities, Foundations working with children and youth from vulnerable socioeconomic backgrounds, Adult Education providers, as well as Art and Theater Tutors, constantly expands its network of partners and collaborations in Greece and operates a Youth Club with active members organized in local youth groups. In addition, EKO collaborates with Greek organizations in remote areas to reach out to target groups of the local societies for the promotion of equal opportunities and social inclusion.


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International Alliance for Peace and Development

Observatory to Prevent Extremist Violence


Euromed Network of Civil Society Youth



EKO actively supports and promotes the European Union’s 2020 growth strategy for employment, innovation, education, social inclusion and environmental protection. EKO is therefore taking on actions in order to:

  • – empower youngsters, minorities and vulnerable social groups and promote their presence and rights in all fields of socioeconomic and professional life
  • – design, organise and realise non-formal education, life-long learning and training opportunities, to help those social groups develop skills, find employment and integrate into society as active citizens
  • – facilitate intercultural and interreligious awareness and solidarity, especially within Greece and Europe, as well as between Europe and MENA, by providing dialogue platforms, organizing cultural exchanges and tolerance trainings
  • – develop, plan and realise interventions and suggest measures to fight unemployment and social exclusion and to support entrepreneurship, social economy and sustainable development
  • – strengthen cross-border civil society, through knowledge transfer and sharing of good practices, as well as through collaborative initiatives with its broad network of international partners through Strategic Partnership programs
  • – promote research and innovation, support cooperation, exchange of experience and good practices in the fields of social inclusion, enivironmetal protection and sustainability
  • – actively support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environmental causes