“Resources for Youth Power” ESC11 project approved!

“Resources for Youth Power” ESC11 project approved!

The New Year started with an amazing gift for EKO! Our ESC long-term Volunteering program “Resources for Youth Power” has been approved, by the Greek National Agency!

The project aims at promoting active citizenship, volunteerism and non-formal education as transformative tools of empowerment for youth. It will involve 4 Greek Volunteers, who will be placed for 6 months, in pairs, in Krasnodar, Russia and carry out their activities in the Kuban Youth Resource centre (YRC) with the support of the hosting organization Falcogroup.

Throughout the project, the Volunteers will engage in multifarious activities, including non-formal education workshops, awareness and charity events for children, youth and other social groups of the local community on various important social topics (human rights, tolerance, interculturality, sustainability & environmental issues, education & accessibility, European identity & citizenship, etc).

At the same time, they will be actively contributing to the dissemination activities of YRC and the promotion of Erasmus+ and ESC programs – both through direct events with the local community, but also through media communication.

Moreover, the Volunteers will expand their knowledge and skills by participating in different educational activities (i.e. workshops on basic proposal writing, youth coaching, principles of civil society and training on their field of preference), given the broad network Falcogroup cooperates with.

We cannot wait to embark on this journey together with our partners in Russia (the amazing Falcogroup team), and see our visions for enhanced youth participation in civil society and increased intercultural solidarity materialize!