Jovid – Multiplier Event

#missionaccomplishedÂ đŸ„ł The International Multiplier event of “Transforming Covid19 into an Opportunity” project took place on 15th of November in #Athens, #Greece, with great success! ✌đŸ’Ș 🔎During the first part of the event our Project Manager Stefano Esposito presented the project and shared the main intellectual outputs (IO1 – Youtube Channel for Video-Making and Video-editing; IO2 – Jovid App DigiDoit4.0; and IO3 – […]

JOVID – Digital Job

The mobile APP, JOVID-19, is conceived to provide an innovative platform where potential employers of digital services and young jobseekers can meet and work together. Its innovation comes from the application of the crowdsourcing concept to job search presenting a new way to get a job in relation to other alternatives that exist in the market. Through this crowdsourcing concept, […]

Digital skill-up: from 0 to 10 in a nutshell

Another successful story for EKO’s team that participated in the training ”Employing European Youth through Non-Formal Education: The Digital Competence Framework” which was held in Madrid from the 24th to the 30th of October  2021. 36 people from Greece, Lithuania ,Romania, Turkey and 2 organizations form Spain  joined the training which was organized by our partner YouthProAktiv! On the first […]

“Transforming COVID-19 into an opportunity” KA227 project approved!

EKO is happy to announce that the KA227 project “Transforming COVID-19 into an opportunity: new inclusive digital jobs and training for your people in the creative sector” applied by our Belgian partners, YOUTHPROAKTIV, in the context of COVID extraordinary call for proposals, has been approved! Covid-19 is leading to the emergence of a “lockdown generation”, as the crisis hits young […]