EKO actively supports and promotes the European Union’s 2020 growth strategy for employment, innovation, education, social inclusion and environmental protection. EKO is therefore taking on actions in order to

  • empower women, youngsters, minorities and vulnerable social groups promote their presence in all fields of socioeconomic and professional life
  • develop, organise and implement entrepreneurship projects to support female entrepreneurs, young professionals and vulnerable social groups and contribute to a society of equal opportunities
  • design, organise and realise educational and vocational training programs to help those social groups develop skills, find employment and integrate into society
  • develop, plan and realise interventions and suggest measures to fight unemployment and social exclusion and to support entrepreneurship, social economy and sustainable development
  • promote research and innovation, support cooperation, exchange of experience and good practices in the fields of social inclusion, enivironmetal protection and sustainability


  • Informational campaigns about National and European policies and legislation that aim to strengthen the position of women in the social, political and business world
  • Lobbying for measures and support structures for women which reduce the barriers that tend to marginalize women socially and economically
  • Organization of on-line training programmes to improve entrepreneurial skills, promote active ageing and increase employability in a knowledge based economy
  • Organization of networking events to facilitate partnerships and social inclusion
  • Collaboration with players in the social economy sector to disseminate best practices and adapt sustainable business models to the Greek ecosystem
  • Conducting research aimed at discovering innovative solutions to social and environmental problems