Erasmus+ CBY– “Citizen Journalism Academy for Youth” (JOUR-YOU)

April 1, 2022 – March 31, 2024 

Citizen Journalism Academy for Youth is an Erasmus+ KA2 Capacity Building for Youth project that aims to build the capacity of youth organisations to use innovative tools and practices, which foster community engagement of young people through new media technologies.



The 21st century demands raising skills and competences to respond to fast technological development and a shifting digital realm. Media literacy is defined as the ability to access, analyse, evaluate and communicate information and messages in various forums and online platforms.

Digital skills are an essential component in using digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage information. They are critical for job creation and social inclusion, enabling people to create and share digital content, communicate and collaborate, and at the same time, solve issues effectively by learning and participating in social activities on a larger scale.


The project sets three specific objectives:

  1. to improve the knowledge and capacity of youth organisations to promote media literacy and digital skills among young people as a way for community engagement and active participation in the democratic life of their communities.
  2. to promote mutual cooperation and exchange of best practices in the field of youth work in combating fake news and disinformation.
  3. to support the qualitative development of youth work through the application of training materials for critical thinking, media literacy, digital skills, leadership skills, self-reflection, empowerment and engagement of young people and youth workers.


Outputs & Results

During the 2-years duration of the project, the partners will work on producing the following outputs and results:

  1. Stocktaking and Reflection Papers to evaluate the state of freedom of speech and freedom of journalism in the partner countries
  2. Methodology for creating training materials for the next activities under the JOUR-YOU project
  3. Online Course on Citizen Journalism for young people
  4. Training toolkit for youth workers on media literacy
  5. Guide on Citizen journalism for youth (with best practices)

Learning Activities

  1. Seminar of Youth workers 
  2. Piloting training 
  • International training on citizen journalism for Youth Workers and Trainers conducted in 3 parts: in Bulgaria (theoretical part), Greece (practical applications) and Italy (experiential understanding)
  • 7 Local trainings of young people in partner countries


  1. International Academy and Competition
  • 5-day International Academy for young leaders
  • Citizen journalism international competition for young people (2 months)


  1. Multiplier Events
  • 7 Promotional meetings in partner countries
  • International youth conference (Athens, Greece)


Kick-Off Meeting (Albania)

2nd Transnational Meeting (Netherlands)

3rd Transnational Meeting (Belgium)

4th Transnational Meeting (Greece)

T2.2 Stocktaking and Reflection Papers

T2.3 Methodological Guide

T3.1 Online Course on Citizen Journalism for Young People

T3.2 Training Toolkit for Youth Workers on Media Literacy

T3.3 Guide on Citizen Journalism for Youth


Learning Activities


T4.1 Piloting Training (Bulgaria, Greece & Italy)

T4.2 Local Trainings

T5.1 International Academy for Young Leaders (Bulgaria)

T5.2 Citizen Journalism International Competition for Young People

T6.1 Multiplier Events

T6.2 International Youth Conference (Greece)