Erasmus+ KA205– InterACT

Intercultural Action Competence Tool is an Erasmus+ KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for Youth project that aims to promote and validate the development of Intercultural Action Competences (IAC) for participants in international youth projects, and this way enhance the value of any youth mobility and mainstream recognition of acquired competences through youth work and non-formal education.


Erasmus mobilities are without doubt a European success story. By their very definition, each international youth mobility includes an element of intercultural communication, which leads to intercultural action competence (IAC). In the youth sector, intercultural learning takes place in a nonformal setting and in a quite often implicit way only.

The youth worker needs a simple tool, that allows them to include small modules into their mobility projects, that help them to better promote the learning of IAC. InterAct will help youth workers integrate this element into their projects and therefore increase impact and recognition of their activities with little or no cost or effort.

For the young people, only if they understand the concept of IAC and its applicability in everyday situations, will they become able to make good use of their competence in their lifelong learning process.

Finally, there is a societal need. There is a need for IAC in order to empower people to cooperate peacefully and purposefully with people from different cultural backgrounds, there is a need for better recognition of non-formal learning and there is a need for purposeful cooperation in a globalised economy. The present trend towards global online conferences will increase the diversity of international teams and make this competence even more relevant.


Outputs & Results

IO1 Young People’s Guide To IAC


IO2 “Intercultural Encounters” Youth Workers Manual (EnglishGreek)


IO3 Policy Reccomendation 

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Latest News

We are happy to announce that our Handbook on Intercultural Competencies is available!

We are happy to announce that our Handbook on Intercultural Competencies is available!

In addition to the development of a web app that encourages participants in international youth mobilities to understand, reflect, practice, and validate their experiences, the handbook Intercultural Encounters – All a Youth Worker needs to InterAct has been compiled.The latter is a collection of tools, examples, and good practices for the inclusio of intercultural action competence (IAC) in international mobility […]

“InterAct” Second Partnership meeting successfully completed

“InterAct” Second Partnership meeting successfully completed

The second partnership meeting of InterACT project has been successfully completed today! The partner youth organizations (KulturLife from Germany, EKO from Greece, yEUth from the Netherlands, Mobilizing Expertise from Sweden, Education for an Interdependent World from Belgium) presented and discussed their findings on young people’s and youth workers’ needs, in terms of tools facilitating Intercultural Action Competences (IAC) development and […]

“InterAct” Kick-Off meeting successfully Completed

“InterAct” Kick-Off meeting successfully Completed

Great news for you, EKO, and any youth mobility of the future! We are glad to announce that InterAct’s “First Kick-Off” meeting took place last week, and that we officially got started! InterAct is our journey towards helping youth across Europe to have a deeper understanding of the value of intercultural communication, and to make the most out of it. […]